Beware of Phone Scam!

Beware of Phone Scam!

New Phone Scam Targets Cooperative Customers

Some customers of Virginia electric cooperatives have reported a new type of phone scam where the customer receives a phone call asking them to call a toll-free number and make immediate payment on their electric bill to avoid disconnection.  Although the caller ID may show this call is from your cooperative, it is not. Additionally, the scammer has copied the cooperative’s phone greeting and menu, therefore the customer believes they are really calling the cooperative.

When the customer calls back, they are led through prompts to reach the billing department and are connected to someone who demands payment with a prepaid card, threatening their power will be turned off immediately.

Please be on the alert for this scam.  While PGEC may contact you by phone for various reasons, they will never call you to demand immediate payment by a certain method or threaten an immediate disconnection of service if payment is not received.

Additionally, a PGEC employee will not call or visit you when the office is closed to request a payment or disconnect your service. If you have any doubt about a person's validity to represent PGEC, you should call PGEC immediately at 804-834-2424 and an official PGEC representative will be glad to assist you.

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