Business Services

Business Services

Non-residential accounts include small businesses and large commercial accounts.

The Non-Residential Membership/Service Application and Responsibility Statement provided below must be completed, signed and sent to our office along with the other items on the appropriate business entity checklist. Realty companies will either complete the Non-Residential Membership/Service Application & Responsibility Statement or Realtor Application for Membership/Temporary Service Request & Responsibility Statement based on their business model.

Corporation Checklist

Not for Profit Checklist                                                     

Business Checklist: Limited Liability, Partnership, LLC



The Checklist for New Business Construction offers a guide for the process of having electric service established. In addition to the Non-Residential Membership/Service Application & Responsibility Statement, an Easement and Release of Liability are also required.

Please mail required documents to:

Prince George Electric Cooperative, PO Box 620, Waverly, Va. 23890  Attn: Customer Service