Garysville Updates

Garysville Updates

Garysville Improvement Plan Updates

9/16/20 - Completed the required right-of-way maintenance on Uhrich Lane, James River Drive, and Bicors Drive. 

9/11/20 - Completed the required right-of-way maintenance by clearing and trimming multiple trees and tree limbs on Heritage Road and Old Stage Road.

7/29/20 - Dominion has completed system improvements to provide additional reliability to the Garysville area.

7/16/20 - PGEC has come together with our wholesale provider to develop a plan for improvements to ensure reliable electric service for members in the Garysville community. Updates will be provided throughout the process to keep our impacted members informed of these changes. 

  1. Complete a comprehensive infrared scan of the distribution network to ensure our substations are performing optimally. Substation inspections will be completed before the end of July. The distribution network comprehensive inspection and scan are currently in progress.
  2. Complete a comprehensive right-of-way inspection to identify the critical areas of clearing to alleviate the risk of outages with trees and debris in inclement weather.