Landscaping to Lower Your Energy Use

Landscaping to Lower Your Energy Use

The Right Tree in the Right Place Can Help you Manage Your Energy Use!

As the temperatures warm, many of us will be getting back outside and working to improve our landscape. That often means planting trees and shrubs.

Trees can help cool your home with shade in the summer, break cold winds to lower your heating costs, and provide food for wildlife. Properly placed trees can lower line clearance costs for utility companies and reduce tree mortality.

Tall trees surrounding your home, such as maple, oak, pine and spruce, provide summer shade to lower cooling costs and keep out cold winter winds.


Consider the location of overhead and underground utility lines to avoid planting a tree that will grow into the lines or whose roots may grow into underground lines. In either case there is a risk that PGEC will need to remove the tree for safety and good line clearance. When researching the type of tree, it is good to consult with an arborist or garden center professional regarding where you want to place the tree. Use this tree planting guide when making your selection.