Prepare Your Home

Prepare Your Home

How well you do after a storm depends on how well you prepare! Each storm is different in the impact on our lives but there are certain steps to take before the storm hits that will make life for you and your family easier after the fact.

Get cash and gas. Without power, ATMs and gas stations may not be working.

Stock up on supplies. You may not be able to get to the grocery stores for three days or more. Have non-perishable food that can be heated on an outdoor grill, sandwich makings, canned meats and don't forget pet food!

Have prescriptions refilled if needed and buy any needed special dietary foods.

Paper products make clean up easier. Stock up on plates and plastic ware.

Buy hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes.

Have extra batteries for flashlights and radio.

Check baby supplies - diapers, food, wipes, etc.

Water - have on hand a 3 - 5 day supply of drinking water in plastic bottles. Plan on at least 1 gallon of water per person per day. A family of 4 would need 12 gallons on hand to last 3 days.

If someone in your home requires oxygen, please make a plan in case of an extended power outage.