Reduction to Power Cost Adjustment

Reduction to Power Cost Adjustment

Bill Savings Created In Power Cost Adjustment Reduction

A decrease in the Power Cost Adjustment means our members will pay $5.30 less for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) used.

The new, lower Power Cost Adjustment effective January 1st, will be reflected in the Energy Supply Service portion of your bill.

We remain committed to providing electric service at the lowest reasonable cost possible while continuing to modernize our infrastructure, resulting in improved safety and reliability for all members.

Should you have questions or desire additional information, please contact Customer Service at 804-834-2424 or visit either of our two offices at 7103 General Mahone Hwy, Waverly, VA or 5718 Courthouse Road, Prince George, VA.


Further details about PGEC's new rates can be found in the News and Events section under the December 22, 2015 post.

Rate schedules approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, including the Power Cost Adjustment schedule, can be found under "Your Cooperative"/"Rates & Riders."

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