Storm Center

Storm Center

June 1 - November 30 is the official hurricane season. Though thunderstorms can pop up at any time, the National Weather Service can usually provide several days advance notice of a hurricane impacting our area.

It can be when weather conditions are at their worst that PGEC crews are at their best. Restoring power in a safe and timely manner is our goal and you can help!

If you have not already registered for Outage Texting, call (804) 834-2424 to report your outage.

Members are reminded that when a lengthy power outage occurs it is important to cut off most household breakers until power is restored. It is easier for utility crews to re-energize lines and reheat transformers when the system is not overloaded with too many appliances, HVAC or air conditioner units calling for power at the same time. Once power is restored, turn on additional breakers one or two at a time over ten or fifteen minute intervals until all breakers are back in the on position.

The public is reminded to regard all downed power lines as potentially energized lines. Even if electric utility service is off, electricity produced by an improperly installed household generator can back feed through the electric system and energize utility lines. Please report downed power lines to PGEC and warn others to stay clear.

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